I was driven to the communications field by my lifelong passion for writing. That passion only grew as I realized that developing my creative skills I could not only make a living doing what I loved, but doing what I believed in by helping entrepreneurs and businesses make their dreams a reality.

In college I interned in the district office of Congressman Michael Capuano under the Director of Communications and Political Liaison. I also interned for Major League Lacrosse's Communications Department, where I developed skills in social media management and content creation and scheduling, in addition to copy editing and media tracking.

I interned for a major presidential campaign in the Manchester headquarters leading up to the New Hampshire primary. After the New Hampshire primary, I became the Massachusetts State Director of the Millennial Coalition until the campaign was suspended.

Shortly after, I began working at Project Veritas where I gained extensive training in research, human intelligence, undercover journalism, media relations and social media management.