The following were either composed for undergraduate communications classes or on behalf of employers/clients and do not necessarily represent my views.

Press Release Sample 


DisruptJ20 Plans to Shut Down Inauguration through Illegal Means

Mamaroneck, NY - January 17, 2017 - Project Veritas’s undercover journalists caught leaders of the DisruptJ20 movement and various affiliated fringe groups conspiring to shut down the President Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration on multiple occasions, as well as close major points of transportation and condoning violent behavior directed towards Trump supporters. Project Veritas turned their information over to the FBI, Secret Service, and D.C. Metro Police.

DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour expressed plans to block all major points of ingress to the District of Columbia by highway, bridge, and Metro Rail. In a conversation between him and another organizer, he explained a plan to chain trains at Metro Center, Gallery Place and L’Enfant Plaza.

Smash Racism Co-Founder Mike Isaacson classified all Trump supporters as Nazis, and when asked what to do when confronted with a nazi loudly shouting their beliefs, he insisted that his volunteers punch them in the throat. 

At multiple meetings, organizers explicitly differentiated “permitted actions” and “arrestable actions.” Many volunteers and organizers expressed their willingness to be arrested; an implicit admission of criminal compliance.

Peaceful protest is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; coordinated blockades and shut downs of entire cities by violent means are not.

The details uncovered by our journalists were not included in the interview Carrefour gave to the Washington Examiner. 

DisruptJ20 is a coalition of multiple leftist organizations including Industrial Workers of the World, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, Refuse Fascism, Smash Racism, and the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition.


Steve Gordon


Email Pitch Sample


Kelly Vickers

Technology News Director

PR Newswire

New York, NY 01410

Over the past year and a half, Gensus Inc. has been developing an app that allows users to block certain contacts on all apps, while having an option to be able to receive and view the content they are sent by blocked contacts. The app, Hide & Peek, came originally from co-founder Franklin McGreevy wanting to see the texts his ex had sent him after he blocked her. At the time, while iPhone users had the capability to block numbers from calling, Facetiming or texting them, they remained in the dark about when blocked contacts were attempting to reach them. Despite the trivial intentions that drove the app into fruition, there is a wide variety of uses for the app. From avoiding embarrassing drunk texts to ending an abusive relationship, Hide & Peek has the potential to change the way we communicate. The app is set to launch publicly in January of 2016. 


Seijah Drake

Gensus PR Director

Letter Sample #1

On behalf of my constituents and the nation as a whole, I’d like to thank you for your adamancy in the fight for gun control. Thank you for your decision to include me as well as the city of Boston in this magnificent movement. What America needs now more than ever are people that are willing to be the change they want to see, and actively advocate for what they believe. There is a great deal to be said about the dedication and passion you have for your cause. I believe that your post cards have a message that can and will be heard across party lines, and will encourage Americans of every political affiliation to think about what’s best for the country as a whole. Your campaign has engaged hundreds of thousands of Americans, and it is my hope that your message will reach millions more. We cannot accept a system that allows criminals and abusers to obtain and possess deadly weapons. We can no longer stand by as innocent lives are lost to gun violence. I wholeheartedly support Every Town and its endeavors, and I hope that by raising awareness and demanding a change we can ensure that #NotOneMore life is lost to gun violence as a result of a negligent regulations.

Letter Sample #2

Unable to be there in person and enjoy the cultural enrichment of your 45th Annual Moon Festival, it is my honor to be able to participate even if I am only able to do so with my words. The Chinese community has always had a great impact not only in the city of Boston but New England as a whole. Boston’s Chinatown acts as hub within a hub, being the unofficial capital of New England’s Asian community, and a testament to Boston’s vast and rich diversity. People of all colors and creeds observe in fascination and delight at the vibrant traditional festivals that take place in Chinatown at different times during the year.

What amazes me about the Moon Festival is the meaning and significance that are so prevalent in almost every aspect of the celebration. I learned that the delicious and decadent moon cakes that I will regrettably be missing out on have been eaten since ancient times and symbolized paying homage to the moon. As much as I enjoy burgers and hot dogs on the Fourth of July, I’m afraid they have no such historical weight.

I wish you all a wonderful Moon Festival as you rejoice the conclusion of summer and welcome autumn.

News Release Sample #1

News Releases are miniature press releases published on congressional websites explaining their votes.

This week, the House considered H.R. 4935, the GOP Child Tax Credit Bill. I voted NO.

This Child Tax Credit, or CTC, allows families with children to save as much as $1000 in taxes per child, but is set to expire in 2017. This bill significantly reduces the number of low and moderate income families eligible for the CTC, when they are the ones who need it most. It also increases the CTC in proportion to income, so that high earning families are granted higher deductibles. It also requires that anyone receiving CTC refunds must have a social security number; an obvious effort to disenfranchise America’s undocumented families, that would also hurt children that are citizens. This bill hurts America’s working class, and I cannot support it.

The House also considered H.R. 3393, the Student and Family Tax Simplification Act.

While I can appreciate the effort to reduce the cost of higher education, this bill is not something that I could support because it is fiscally irresponsible as the Republicans that proposed this bill have not suggested an offset. Over the next decade this cut alone is estimated to add almost 100 billion to the deficit, but combined with the other 13 GOP approved tax cuts, Americans are expected to be $800 billion deeper in debt in the next decade. It is long overdue that we address the issue of making education more affordable in this country, but reckless cutting is not the solution.

News Release Sample #2

This week, the House considered H.R. 4315 the 21st Century Endangered Species Transparency Act. This is the combination of four Republican-sponsored bills that complicate the procedures of environmental agencies while providing no additional funding to allow these agencies to efficiently perform both their original duties and those added by the bill.

Transparency between the public and the government is something to be encouraged and strived for, but this bill is asking environmental officials to perform redundant, unnecessary tasks without equipping them with any additional means to do so. By demanding environmental agencies perform these trivial tasks without making increased allotment, we would be hindering their ability to effectively do their jobs. I voted NO because the result of this bill would provide very little if any new or valuable information to the public while creating a large, futile burden for the Secretaries of the Interior and Commerce.