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DisruptJ20 Plans to Shut Down Inauguration through Illegal Means

Mamaroneck, NY – January 17, 2017 – [Redacted]’s undercover journalists caught leaders of the DisruptJ20 movement and various affiliated fringe groups conspiring to shut down the President Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration on multiple occasions, as well as close major points of transportation and condoning violent behavior directed towards Trump supporters. [Redacted] turned their information over to the FBI, Secret Service, and D.C. Metro Police.

DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour expressed plans to block all major points of ingress to the District of Columbia by highway, bridge, and Metro Rail. In a conversation between him and another organizer, he explained a plan to chain trains at Metro Center, Gallery Place and L’Enfant Plaza.

Smash Racism Co-Founder Mike Isaacson classified all Trump supporters as Nazis, and when asked what to do when confronted with a nazi loudly shouting their beliefs, he insisted that his volunteers punch them in the throat.

At multiple meetings, organizers explicitly differentiated “permitted actions” and “arrestable actions.” Many volunteers and organizers expressed their willingness to be arrested; an implicit admission of criminal compliance.

Peaceful protest is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; coordinated blockades and shut downs of entire cities by violent means are not.

The details uncovered by our journalists were not included in the interview Carrefour gave to the Washington Examiner.

DisruptJ20 is a coalition of multiple leftist organizations including Industrial Workers of the World, the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council, Refuse Fascism, Smash Racism, and the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition.


Steve Gordon